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About Us

The Nevada Gender Affirming Healthcare Program (NGAHP) was founded in 2019 as a statewide collaboration of healthcare providers and advocates with a common goal of advancing access to quality healthcare for the gender expansive population in Nevada.  Nevada, in general, suffers from a shortage of healthcare providers across all specialties. This shortage has a substantial effect on transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming members of our community, who deserve safe and affirming medical care.  


“At the end of the day, we have to remember that bathroom access really is not about bathrooms.”

                                                                                            - Laverne Cox

Our Mission

Our Vision

NGAHP seeks to identify providers who are interested and passionate about caring for gender-expansive patients, to create a network of providers to streamline care across specialties, to identify medical services needed by the gender-expansive community that are not currently offered in Nevada, and to train and/or recruit providers to offer these needed services within the state of Nevada.  NGAHP also works to address the structural barriers and widespread discrimination faced by this population through policy change, education, and research.

About  Our Logo

Our logo represents our home state, where the coalition was founded. The colors we have chosen were adopted from the transgender flag. 

We held a contest within our local LGBTQ community, and our beautiful logo was designed by a member of the Las Vegas LGBTQ+ community.


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