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You Can Make a Difference in Our Community!

Nevada is one of the states with the highest number of LBGTQ members in the United States yet, our community doesn’t get all of the healthcare assistance it needs. NGAHP is the bridge that connects you with the LGBTQ friendly providers and policymakers that understand your needs.


By joining our community, you will stay current with the most up-to-date LGBTQ news in Nevada, while also having the opportunity to tell policymakers what you think about current and new policies. Together, we can take action and help build a place to live where no one is left behind. 

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Image by Margaux Bellott
Image by Jorge Saavedra

Who can join NGAHP?

ANYONE can join NGAHP! Doesn’t matter if you are queer or straight, we are an all-inclusive organization and we need your support.

LGBTQ members experience mental health issues due to prejudice, discrimination, and lack of acceptance. We understand the struggles transgender individuals face. We can help you connect with plastic surgeons, or any other provider in the area, that specializes in GSR surgery, as well as hormonal treatment. 

Partner with Us

Are you a provider or volunteer who would like to help the LGBTQ community?


If so, you can partner with us to help make a difference! We are looking to partner with professionals with expertise and experience in LGBTQ related healthcare topics. We are a coalition that connects providers with individuals who are looking for comprehensive healthcare providers. We have LGBTQ members who are eager to speak with you – someone who understands their needs and has a personal desire to help them.


If you would like to join our community, simply click on the button to join us today!


We Need Your Support Today!

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